Most of everything is just a click away, online.

ringgitplusLong time ago, when you want to take a loan, you would either choose a bank you trust the most or you use a lot of your precious time to listen to different bankers tell you why theirs would be the best choice for you. Today, if you are still doing that, there’s nothing wrong but to be more productive as well as more informed, go online. If someone were to ask me, which loan is better today. BLR based or fixed rate? There’s actually no need for me to bring out my calculator, key in all the different assumptions and write down one by one on paper and then show the final result. I just need to google for the answer. One such site would be  Here, it takes nothing more than just filling up three blanks and one mouse click. You get answers to everything you would like to know. One example: (refer attached). Using is FREE. 🙂

This is just one of the many websites which has cropped up recently and continue to provide more information. This has also made every bank become more competitive because it is just so tough when you are ranked last all the time in all these online comparison sites. As they say, transparency is key to continuous competitiveness.

In fact, it is not just for mortgages but you can compare the best cars to buy, side by side. You can also compare the hotels in terms of STARs, prices, services level etc side by side. When you apply for jobs today, allows you to know in advance who are you competing against for the particular job that you are applying for! Thus, if you are a developer, whether new or established or a real estate agent today and you ONLY advertise your services in traditional media, good luck to you. The conclusion, it is not just the best loan for you is just a click away, in fact, many things that you would like to gauge or compare are also just a click away.

written on 4 April 2014

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  • Sumit Dhawan on April 18, 2014

    Hello friend,
    U r right. I like jobstreet because i get many informations. i get good jobs too. also the same for property, i like iproperty because there are lots of listings and pictures.
    Good luck bro

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