KL Hotels – 5th Cheapest in the world

This is something that I told many of my overseas colleagues and they AGREE. Yet, my colleagues and friends in Malaysia said, nolar, not true. Then they say, hotels in Myanmar, Thailand etc are cheaper. It is ok, just let it be because most of the time I am not staying in hotels in Malaysia anyway. According to TripAdvisor’s Tripindex Room Ser­vice 2014 , Kuala Lumpur is ranked 5th out of 48 other countries in terms of combined room service item prices and room rates. This is very reasonable First Class (4/4.5 star) hotel room rates in the world!

When it comes to combined rates, KL hotels are ranked 6th, with prices at about RM437.85. The items that they included into the room service include: a club sandwich (RM35.01), bottle of water (RM11.21), can of Coca-Cola (RM10.18), a mini bottle of vodka (RM18.93), packet of peanuts (RM9.54) and one dry-cleaned shirt (RM18.40).

Who’s BEST/FIRST? Well, our neighbour Jakarta has the cheapest combined rates for First-Class hotels. It is only at RM390.92 while New York City is most expensive, at RM1,421.90. Wait a minute, now people would say, of course we are cheap. It is calculated in RM. Dear all, the purpose of the study is for everyone in the world who is travelling to have an idea how much it really costs. The study was not meant for only Malaysians.

agodaActually, when we travel, do we really need FIRST CLASS hotels? I am very sure a lot of people would say of course. Personally, I would prefer a decent accommodation. When I travel, I never stay in dorms / hostels no matter how my friends say they are clean etc. However, I really do not think it is necessary to splash too much for hotel because as long as the hotel I am staying in has a good rating in Agoda, I would just book it. Thus far, majority of the time I stay in 3-3.5 star hotels instead. Sometimes, 2 star too, if their rating is really good. Ok, ok, I admit, that’s because I could not afford 5 Star ones. 🙂

written on 29 March 2014

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