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Expert Series Q&A with Rozalina Rahim – ‘First Time Property Investors’

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‘Challenge the norm and add value’. That’s what Rozalina Rahim, Founder/Chief Operating Executive of Reconsult Plt, a property consultant to developers. She has been in the property industry for over 25 years with many major property developer companies in Malaysia, namely Sunway, UEM Land and was also attached to the leading Property Website in Malaysia, iProperty.com

Rozalina strongly believed that it is important to be well educated on how to master the property game before you embark in the property game

 1) If this is my first purchase, what would be the most important three things I must watch out for.

– Look for hot area eg. Near shopping centres, LRT, areas with alot of economic activities etc.

– Must know your budget and buy within your budget

– Check on loan eligibility

2) I am buying for the first time and I can only afford one unit. Should I buy for rental or buy for potential capital appreciation? 

Always look for long-term investment. If rental yield is good, usually the appreciation will also be good. Never think of short-term investment or also known as speculative behavior. It may hit your pocket if you are not ready for it.

3) If I am buying for own stay and I am single, should I buy smaller unit at a hotter area or a bigger unit at a farther away area? 

I will personally choose a smaller unit at a hotter area with high growth rate on rental/appreciation. It will be easier to dispose at fast speed with appreciation if need be.

4) Would it be worth the few thousand Ringgits I pay to join a workshop by the property gurus or should I join a property buyers club instead?

Investing in property, you need to have the knowledge to do so as it is a long term plan. The answer will always be education so that you will understand the game well before you embark yourself in it. Thereafter, you can join any investment clubs to start making money.

Note: There’s a lot of effort from the government to encourage 1st home buyer to start buying properties. E.g My Home, Prima etc…

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