Positive Rental Yield in Kepong

I wrote on Kepong being as good area to buy today because the price has yet to appreciate too much, thus rental yield is still positive. Today I saw another property which should give a positive rental yield depending on how old you are. 🙂 A colleague said, ‘Kepong ar, aiya I don’t want’. It is ok. I would think some people would still want to consider. Do take a look.

kepong rentalkepongbuyPersonally I have yet to view the condo but these days, it is so convenient to identify all the relevant condos with good rental yields and go view all at once. Set a good day and get agents to help. Everything requires effort, ok. Do not just sit, read and buy. If property gurus in the market knows everything there is, why would they need to change their predictions many times based on changing circumstances?

Some additional information on Kepong. Kepong is just 6km from city centre. In terms of jams, do not worry, there’s jam everywhere in KL anyway. Kepong has the following highways passing through it. Jalan Ipoh, MRR2, LDP, DUKE and Jalan Kuching. Two weeks ago, at around 6pm, I arrived in the Kepong area in less than 20 minutes. My office is in nearby SOGO.

If I do buy one, will update but it will not be so soon.

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  • Now on March 1, 2014

    Don’t think it would be positive much if includes the management fees (if it’s not negative)

    • chialih on March 1, 2014

      Thanks! Yes, do agree, the yield would not be 5% or higher. However, in my personal opinion due to the price which has been increasing way too fast, as long as I have a positive number I think it’s worth buying. Rental can only go up, though slowly. However, property price, once you miss it, is unlikely to come down, especially for those which are in the range of RM250,000 +/-.

  • May on March 2, 2014

    Oh…. Kepong! I don’t know why but people tend to have the same response as your colleague. Kepong in my opinion, is a good place to live, especially in a close knitted community. I know an area where everyone knows or at least ‘pernah tengok” neighbour in person. One of the factors which make it a good place to stay is the people around you. Cheers!

    • chialih on March 2, 2014

      May, I like your comment. This is my same thought when I bought sg. Ara in penang. The comments were generally no good. But I love sg ara.

  • Rivercity Optometry on March 4, 2014

    cool made me feel good coz we had single storey and a low cost flat there rental r just Rm500 not much but at least is self sustainable

    • chialih on March 4, 2014

      Wow. Cool. Nice to hear.

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