Why I engage real estate agents / negotiators

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My friend asked me how am I going to sell my properties in Penang. Would I be using any free online advertisements? I told him that I am using the services of a real estate agent. He remarked that if I do that, I would need to pay agent’s fee. I replied gladly, yes if they sell for me, I would pay agent fee. In my personal opinion, to sell your property properly, you should use an agent. While Malaysia has yet to enforce licensed real estate agents strictly, I would give to agents because of three reasons.

Convenience. Assuming you priced your property correctly, how many views do you think it will need for you to sell? Conservatively, five. If you are working, who would open the door if buyers want to view? You limit the viewing to weekends? You worked so hard on weekdays and you still want to ‘work’ on weekdays? If you still answer yes, you may stop reading now. All the best in selling your property. 🙂

Money. Your time is money. If you take a half-day leave, how much would that cost you? If you bring the buyers to view during weekends, that should be double as it is considered rest day. If you have a family that you asked them to wait while you bring the buyer to view, that’s a pity. Why waste the time that you could have used for more productive reasons, for your family, going back to hometown etc?

Lastly, safety. If a buyer called to view and he said he wanted to view in the evening, say 8pm, do you feel safe to open the door yourself? You want to bring a friend? Great. What if the buyer is viewing with a few other people and there are just two of you? Be real, even agents take precautionary measures these days, why not you?

I do not want to go into how much savings you can save versus what if things really do go wrong. To me, every profession has its reasons. You can buy a scissor and cut your hair too. Why pay so much to cut your hair? Think objectively, make decision swiftly. When you sell, you are looking for potential profit and not potential trouble. Majority of the profits would come from capital appreciation and not from your savings by not paying the agent fee. This is why I prefer to use real estate agents. Happy selling.

written on 11 Jan 2014

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