Property Bubble everywhere

There has been nearly no talk about property bubble in Malaysia. Except for Forbes report recently. Is this because there is no property bubble yet? Or is the market too small and thus, not many analysts are covering it? The worst scenario predicted was that the market would be flat till 2016 before prices start to go up again. What about property bubble building? I am not sure if everyone has been reading the property news from overseas but nearly every market near us or favoured by Malaysians are said to be nearing a property bubble or even potentially bursting soon.

UK pricesUK / London – According to a report in The Telegraph, there is a fear of bubble because house prices jumped the most within the past four years. Prices in some areas went up by 21%! House prices are also rising in all UK regions which should not be the case and this has raised the fears of a bubble further. Nevertheless, this is not a view shared by everyone. The Prime Minister, David Cameron said that there are however no fears of a bubble and he rejected concerns about high demand fueling a bubble.

If you were to type in ‘Australia, bubble’ there would also be lots of news about bubble building up in Australia due to the fact that prices are rising much faster than salary. There has never been any year where salaries rise faster than 10%. yet, properties in Australia, especially in big cities are rising much higher than that. Note that your salary rise is based on your salary but the property price is rising based on its price!

Recently, Forbes said that SIngapore is facing a bubble and wrote a very long article arguing why they think so. The Singapore government has had to explain that this is not true and in fact pointed to a cooling down of price after their aggressive cooling measures for some time. Based on some reports, it is true, transactions are dropping but the prices has just dropped slightly.

There are also a number of articles arguing for an upcoming bubble in Malaysia but I think there’s a significant difference because while I agree that certain places, the prices are so high that I think bubble should have formed for many years and perhaps just awaiting bursting. However, the secondary market remained lower in terms of actual pricing versus primary properties. Furthermore, the slowdown in transactions did not start in 2013 but since 2012. Include in the cooling measures and stricter lending regulations and BNM ever vigilant, I think this has pushed out a lot of speculators. It may still potentially burst of course but at this point in time, many other countries would have to burst first. Ok, no hurry, let’s see what happens in the next few months.

Advertisements is everything about property related writings and news. Enjoy reading with a latte.

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  • asali on January 23, 2014

    Double thumbs up for this.

  • asali on January 23, 2014

    If bubble really burst which region in MY will be impacted the most?

    • chialih on January 23, 2014

      i have my personal opinion lar. but cant tell online. if we meet will tell you. and the reason why. happy buying or waiting. haha

  • Ang on March 3, 2014


    Nobody will know what is the highest/lowest point, however, it seems that the property has gone up tremedously double since 2009 till now, especially the Primary market, the launching price is very very expensive, it is too rediculous with high density of apartment with 1000 per sqf in JB near to Bestaru height (landed) project, GIANT and Tesco, although, the location seems to be good. but the calling price is too expensive.

    As you can see the current market, the developer is keep building property especially with skyrocket price. i wonder, how true the local can afford with this kind of price. the ratio for income vs property price is getting widen.

    Anyway, in my opinion, the current price is too expensive and being speculated, it is the matter of time the bubble may burst, it is unhealthy, anyhow, what do you think?

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