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I am a firm believer in buying value. In terms of value, I am not talking about buying a property worth RM1 million and earning RM200,000. (20% return) I am more inclined on buying RM200,000 and earning RM60,000 which gives me 30% return. I know, some of you would disagree. That’s great for me too. At least not everyone would be buying where I am buying right? Today, I read a piece of news which I think is a catalyst to Sungai Buloh for many more years into the future. Bernama reported that Kwasa Land had just completed its pre-qualification exercise for the Kwasa Damansara township The pre-qualification was participated by 152 developers! The total land size for the project is 942ha. The developers would be shortlisted based on both qualitative and quantitative criterias. There were a few tiers which will be divided between large scale companies with paid-up capital of at least RM1 billion until the smaller Bumiputera companies with paid-up capital of RM1 million and above.

sungi bulohThis new area of growth will have a forecasted population of 150,000 as well as an upcoming connection to the MRT. Actually, nearly every friend I know would tell me that Sungai Buloh is VERY FAR away from KL. Well, depending on the accuracy of google map, Sungai Buloh is between 21km – 24km away from KL City. Typical driving time is within 25 minutes IF there are no jam. I am presently staying in Kelana Jaya and every morning it takes me around 30 minutes to reach my office in downtown KL. Yes, I start my journey at 715am but I think this is very acceptable, especially if I can still buy a semi-detached home in Sungai Buloh for less than RM1 million. Tell me any of the hotspots nearby KL where you can get semi-de for even double this amount?

There has been many developments in Sungai Buloh, mostly sporadic and without a long term vision. With this new master development by Kawasa Land and eyed by 100 over developers, you can be rest assured that a lot of preliminary research has been done. Much more than what you and I can do ourselves. Think objectively, prices in hotspots cannot continue to rise until it reaches the moon while all these places which are around 20-25km continue to have low prices? Please do not tell me to predict the price, if anyone can do that, look at him and tell him he is just shooting in the dark. However, I can safely tell you that given same ratio in terms of pricing as currently, it is worth your time and effort in looking through this potential area.

Oh yeah, I am moving into an area known to be very far, very secluded and under developed and many more negative reasons; Damansara Damai. This is also right next to Sungai Buloh. Near MRT station. I have been there a couple of times and it took me just 12-15 minutes to reach Ikea / the Curve / 1 Utama. In terms of distance to my office, it would be an additional 2km. Oh yeah, my friend reminded me that I needed to pay Rm1.60 toll each time I go to office. I just smiled. I am still wearing my Calvin Klein jeans with 80% discount. That should cover the toll for a while. Haha.

written on 21 Jan 2014

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