Career, property and my noisy wish

When I first started working, my wish was simple, earn more and more each year. This is so that I can visit my girlfriend in Sandakan Sabah. I did quite well because for first three years of my working life, my increment was double digits. I don’t think majority gets double digit increment every year. Then, my girlfriend from Sandakan came to Penang and became my wife. We decided to buy our first home. There were very few condo choices then, typically Sunny Ville, Gold Coast just to name a few but at that time I felt that the price was too high. Thus I settled for a nice little apartment called Villa Kejora. That’s when everything started. I realised that I could still afford another property and worse case scenario, I just have to sell Villa Kejora.

We bought Regency Heights which turned out to be my best buy thus far in terms of ROI. Oh yeah, I think it’s impossible to have such ROIs today. Then, I realised one little fact. It is very important to have a good career path. Even more important to always work hard because that’s your brand. My Japanese GM from my first company who is now a President of a public listed company still keeps in touch with me and scolded me when I did not visit him in Japan when I was there during the tsunami few years back. However, there is one part of my life which I feel I have done right; property investment. Not as early as I wanted but I started. It has given me an opportunity to fasten my wealth buildup while at the same time work hard because truth is, property investment does not take too much of your time. It’s definitely not forex which my friend kept saying is the best form of investment. I don’t agree.

Coming back to my noisy wish, perhaps in another 10-15 years? I wish that one day, I would be able to retire in Ipoh. By then,  I would be able to buy a bigger landed property in a gated and gated place with a nice clubhouse.  Perhaps have five children of which the few younger ones would still be running and doing mischievous deeds. So much so that I have to shout for them to keep quiet for a few minutes. Within few minutes they would again make so much noise playing. Haha. I wish by then, my wife can suddenly come to me and say, ‘can we go Sandakan tomorrow just for a few days?.’ My answer to her is, ‘yes’.  Of course before this 10-15 years wish, I wish I can bring my parents for holidays in countries they have never been. I think I can do this once my baby daughter is able to walk and perhaps understand more of what we say, instead of now, we have to understand what she is crying about. 🙂   I wish by then, I can still continue my career but at a pace which I want and thus giving more quality instead of just plain quantity. Seems far? Everything starts with a dream.

Thank you for reading.

written on 18 Jan 2014

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