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Hometown Hainan coffee, SS two mall

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It was 430pm and as usual, we were hungry yet again. With baby in my body hugging carrier, we went in search for some snacks and perhaps a cup of coffee. I remember I saw an Old Town just now my wife told me. It must be that side, she pointed and we walked as per her suggestion. As we walked nearer, instead of Oldtown, it was ‘HOMETOWN’. Haha. We went in and a menu was presented to us. The waiter wiped the baby chair for us! First time ever. Ok, scored excellent here. The prices was no huge difference from Oldtown but there were no promotions / sets which made it lose out here. Hope the owner sees this comment.

I ordered the Hainan Coffee, hot. My wife ordered soya bean and then some toasts. The coffee came in a traditional cup. Slurp. First taste of the coffee. Good enough as a good cup but not good enough as soon as you compare it to Old Town White Coffee side by side. The toasts were good though and the kaya is the pandan type. The steamed toast was very good. Better than Paparich for sure. Not sure about Oldtown, never ordered such an item before.

We continued shopping in a shop selling famous brands at huge discounts followed by FOS where we bought quite a lot of clothes for Chinese New Year. When dinner came, we chose… Oldtown. Actually, there were not many other choices and it was raining heavily and there were no dinner sets in Hometown Hainan Coffee cafe, so… Oldtown wins yet again.

written on 4th jan 2014

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