Teh Tarik – Favourite of many

wpid-IMG_20131226_084838.jpgWe have been going to mamak often. So often that every now and then, a new one opens. Everyone has also been up in arms over food ranking especially where Makaysia and Singapore is concerned. Some say Penang is a food haven and that Singaporean food is only for those who want to eat so that they can stay alive. Whoever wins, I don’t care but today I want to tell you three stories why teh tarik should be the best drink that Malaysia has to offer to the world.

I have brought two different batches of MBA students from Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT, USA). I would not say they are really better than me since I also have an MBA but their university is for sure much more renowned. These MBA students said they wanted to taste something very Malaysian. I brought them to eat Nasi Kandar Kayu since they were staying in Vistana Hotel which is right next. The food, the gravy, the roti canai, I love it very much but their major comments, everyone of them was this, ‘Charles this teh tarik is amazing!’

Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my colleague who’s an American, his wife to be and his parents. We went to a very nice ‘under the tree’ curry rice. While they said they loved every type of Malaysian food thus far, their main love was teh tarik! Everyone of them asked if there were anyway that they can buy some back. When they learnt that the best teh tarik had to be ‘pulled fresh’, they were sad. The father even said if they can bring this back it may be a big hit in Texas!

I remembered when teh tarik was just 80 cents. It is now at least RM1.50 in majority of the places. Did anyone stopped drinking teh tarik? Any mamak shops closed down? I think the answer is very clear. It is not just popular in mamaks but today you can find the 3 in 1 Teh Tarik on the shelves of all supermarkets. The number of brands offering it are also increasing every few months! Oh yeah, last but not least, do you know the history of teh tarik? If you do not, go to a cafe called ‘Teh Tarik Place’. Their menu has the history printed on it.

written on 3 Jan 2014.

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