Segamat roasted kopi by Oriental Cravings in 1 Utama

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wpid-IMG_20140104_171214.jpgMy wife and I were exhausted, hungry and thirsty. we wanted to go to News.com cafe where magazine were provided for free reading. However, we chanced upon this cafe, called Oriental Cravings. As it was already 5pm, we decided to just take the toast and drinks. I saw something interesting, ‘Segamat Roasted Coffee’ in the menu. I ordered hot but then I thought, I better try the iced one because I wanted to see if it’s thick enough to last till the last drop even with the ice.

The toast bread came, with a piece of butter and a small ‘container’ with pandan kaya. Both butter and kaya were great but the bread was not ok. Perhaps too thick. I feel for toast to be great, the bread should be as thin as possible so that you have the ‘crack, crack’ feeling when you bite it. The Segamat iced coffee came. Nice. Sufficient coffee taste, not too sweet. And yes, it was good till the last drop which meant it was thick enough. Kudos to a cafe which is not actually serving coffee as its main specialty. 🙂

No comments on the food, did not order any but the choices are aplenty and even at 5pm, there were many tables ordering their oriental cravings!

written on 4th jan 2014

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