Huan choo leng – what’s that?

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wpid-IMG_20140104_084933.jpgLook at the photo. For those who know what it is, congratulations. You have tasted something much nicer than the typical pau. For those who has yet to, quickly show this photo to your pau vendor and buy one. If you pau vendor does not have one, time to look for a new one. 🙂  Just kidding. The name however may be different for many people. The name I stated is for those who buy in Sitiawan, my father’s hometown. It is still the biggest in terms of size and the cheapest in terms of price even till today compared to Ipoh and also Penang. In terms of taste, it is so hard to be objective because you have tasted the Sitiawan first. Haha. However, I think majority of all the pau vendors who is selling this are quite good.

There is however one which Sitiawan beats all, the fried ground nut one instead of the usual ‘tau sa’. It is very delicious and I can easily finish three in a few minutes. After writing this article, I feel hungry yet again and will eat another one. Huan Choo Leng, anyone? Oops, how come I did not mention about kopi? Ah, yes, if you eat Huan Choo Leng with a glass of Kopi O, that would be the greatest pleasure in life. I ate mine with Classno Instant Coffee, considered oklar, perhaps 8.5/10.

Remember, go try one asap and comment.

written on 4 jan 2014.

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