Better career, more money in Singapore

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A friend said, with my salary there is nothing I could buy. It is time me to look for a job in Singapore. I look at her and replied, yes, for you I also think it is best that you work in Singapore. I do not think she is someone who works very hard or on a continuous learning cycle. I believe there are a lot of Malaysians work in Singapore because they are too good or advanced for their fields. Perhaps there are not enough of such positions for them here in Malaysia. However, many are also there for the potentially wrong reasons. They believe they can grow in their career faster and earn more money. The truth is, as long as you are a top performer, you can grow anywhere. Malaysians, are there many things which we are not good at? Both good and bad?

In terms of the second reason, earn more money, it depends on how you intend to use the money earned. If you intend to earn S$ and would like to stay there, then let me be honest with you, you would not necessarily be living better than someone who works as hard as you and earns as much as you in terms of figure. However if you intend to be there, rent the smallest and cheapest room possible and eat economy bee hoon and one egg for breakfast, chicken rice for lunch and roti prata with dhal curry for dinner and save as much as you can from your monthly income, then my friend you are right. You will be earning lots of money because you are earning 2.5 times or slightly more today.

If you are able to just save S$1,500 per month for 2 years, we are talking about S$36,000 which is converted to RM is RM90,000.  This is sufficient for 10% downpayment for two RM300,000 properties leaving you with more than sufficient for a fully loaded Proton Saga. Rent out one room in the property you are staying and rent out the whole unit in the other one. You will find that in a few years time, your property may have appreciated sufficient for you to sell it, go for a nice holiday, buy another property and still have a little bit of savings.

If you have the discipline, yes, it is true that if you work in Singapore, you will earn more money. Sorry, may not be true on the career theory.

written on 2 jan 2014

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5 thoughts on “Better career, more money in Singapore”

  1. A lot of people have the mindset of ‘the oversea moon is rounder’, whether it is true or not it really depends..

  2. Haha, depends on the intention and the duration. For short term and experience purpose, it is definitely a yes. For career path and future, it is a NO.

  3. Depends on what industry and stage of one’s career. Any international experience is always a plus on the resume.

    • vinkar, i somewhat agree. i think it depends more on the position and the company instead. In my first company, I travelled to many other countries for trainings, budgetting and even annual negotiations with international customers even though I am based in Malaysia.

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