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I am a papa and I want to be rich, so I go to Paparich? 🙂  Actually I have never liked Paparich. Yet somehow I have been to Paparich for many times. Old friend’s gathering, Toastmasters’ meeting and most recently, it was the more affordable choices amongst all the typical RM30 per person kind of restaurants. I was at Citta Mall. There are two things I have always love in Paparich though. Their organic soya bean which is really not sweet and yet very nice, very real. Second thing which I like is the Papa Mee Goreng. Their nasi lemak is so-so, their dry curry mee is very so-so but their mee goreng, that’s quite good. Just do not compare to those from your favourite mamak stall please.

wpid-img1388671893739.jpgThis time, instead of soya bean, I ordered their Tea Latte which is supposed to have three layers but I think from the photo, you can see that it has just two layers. The taste…. is really so-so. Sigh, another no good thing from Paparich. Their white coffee is also very average to me, especially if you compare to Old Town White Coffee’s white coffee. Sorry, nearly forgotten, I also love their steamed bread with kaya and butter and they use really good butter which is one piece instead of those which looks more like margarine than butter. Would I go again? The answer I think is yes. Somehow Paparich always happen to be at the right place at the right time and I am a papa who loves to be rich!

written on 1st Jan 2014.

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