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Patisserie Boutique, Ipoh

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It was my sister’s birthday and since all of us were home in Ipoh, we decided to visit a good cafe. It should be a cafe that none of us had visited before. We chose Patisserie Boutique. This cafe is right behind/next to Plan B, Ipoh. I am not sure if the guy who welcomed us is the boss but it was indeed very good first impression in terms of service. The waitress also explained the menu briefly, what are the available coffee, the brands they are selling and others like the fruit juices. Since birthdays must have cakes, we ordered two. One is the Signature Chocolate Crunchie Mousse cake. The other one is a typical cheesecake. Needless to say, if they somehow name something so long, something must be good about them. True enough, the chocolate used was rich and with a tinge of chocolate bitter taste too. I love it.

wpid-img1388221824327.jpgNearly forgotten. I have to talk about the coffee right? Haha. We ordered the Mocca and Latte. Mocca is good and looks great too. Take a look at the picture. The latte is just above average. Maybe because I feel there should at least be some engraving like what a lot of cafes are doing. The latte has sufficient depth to it and the milk is just about right. Perhaps intensity of the coffee is a little lacking for my taste. Haha. I like strong latte. 🙂

Oh yeah, about the environment, it’s a nice little cafe with simple decoration and paintings on the wall. Cooling and high ceiling meant the cafe is comfortable and with background music makes this a cafe you can go with your friends for a cuppa and some great catch ups. Perhaps next time I will try their food too. This time, too full as we had just finished our family lunch.

Written on 28th dec 2013

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