Ben & Lynette, Ipoh

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This is a very new cafe. Just opened one week ago. I think this is the first time ever that I have visited such a newly opened cafe.  Ipoh really do have an ever growing cafe culture. There’s even a horse at the entrance to the cafe. Please, don’t climb up the horse.It was around 11am and there were not many people when we arrived but after that a few more tables were occupied. As usual, I ordered the latte and my friend ordered the mocha. Apologies, it is so hard for me to give high marks these days. Mocca is considered quite good. Latte is however just above average. The intensity of the coffee is just not there, even though I think it is strong enough.

wpid-img1388287957560.jpgThe creme brulee is quite good in my opinion. The other one which I have forgotten the name is just too sour, I meant the top. There were also other desserts but I had just finished breakfast and was in no mood to try any of them. The breakfast set is also so-so. Everything was too dry…  The service can also be improved. For example, when you bring the food, please, just grab the utensils along instead of asking us to take the utensils ourselves by saying, ‘utensils are self-service’. If I want to self service I would not go to a cafe to be served wouldn’t I?

I would go again after I have visited all other cafes. Hope by then B&L would have improved tremendously. 🙂

written on 31 dec 2013

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