Xin Xiang Er Nong, Ipoh


Recently, I have written about some white coffee in Ipoh. They are above average but not within my top 5 list. Today, I bring to you one which is really within my top 5 list. I feel that any restaurant worth visiting in Ipoh MUST have good white coffee served. This is the same like if you visit any kopi tiam in Penang, you typically expect them to have at least a good prawn mee or char koay teow or even laksa, failing which they better not open the restaurant. Honestly, there are still a number of such restaurants with bad white coffee in Ipoh but I would only write on the good ones. The not so good ones, if you happen to know, you put in comments lar ok.

The white coffee here is a definite must try for all white coffee lovers. It’s thick, intense and high on the coffee taste side. If you prefer a more milky version, this is not the one for you. The food choices in this restaurant is plenty and it even has the curry mee and dry curry mee which is top in my list; from Tong Koo Theng. The chee cheong fun is also quite good and the ‘liu fun’ which basically yong tau fu with noodles are cheap and good. (compared to KL and Penang)  There are also plenty of parking spots everywhere around though sometimes you may need to park slightly further away.

written on 28 dec 2013

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