888 Kopi and Starbucks…. mug

No, no, this is not a comparison. How to compare Malaysian’s favourite cup of Kopi O with Starbucks’ coffee? Today, the article is about 888 Kopi O. Do you know that 888 has been around since 1942? Yes, in fact I remember seeing them in those old kopi tiam when I was still very young. I chanced upon this Kopi O 2 in 1 in Giant. It was on offer and after you do the calculation, it comes to slightly less than 50 cents per cup. Hey, hot water is free in my office.

wpid-IMG_20131227_130412.jpgThe packing is really, nothing. It’s just silver in colour with black wordings. How much more simpler can you get? Then again, I am buying it for what’s inside. You tear off the silver packaging and drop it into your STARBUCKS mug. Pour hot water onto it, close the STARBUCKS mug cover and wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, open the cover, take our your bag, make sure you dip it at least 10 times more so that whatever remaining flavour flows into your mug.

The Kopi-O is not as thick as I would want. The aroma is there but perhaps they did not blend in some Arabica beans. The sugar is just right. So, verdict is, if you want a thicker cup of coffee, you can either try another brand or use a smaller cup. Would I buy it again? Well, I would prefer to try others too but if it happens to be on offer again, why not. We must manage our costs within our budgets.

Oh yeah, why use Starbucks mug? Aiya, pretend that I am drinking their Americano lar. Shh…….

written on 26 Dec 2013

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