Would 2014 be a tough year?

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Subsidies are cut. Petrol prices may continue to rise contributing to higher inflation. Toll rates are going up. Electricity bills are also rising. With the huge growth for past many years, there may be too many residential properties; oversupply. Already we could see transactions for KL / Penang is down year on year. So, would everything be pessimistic in 2014?

Actually, subsidy cut is a must. Alternatively, the government of the day goes bankcrupt in the near future. When the subsidy of petrol first started, petrol was just US$10 per barrel. these days, it is US$100 per barrel. The car ownership is also much, much, MUCH higher. If I must pay more for petrol in order to drive, then I will work harder and continue to drive. Instead of 4 hours of Aircon, I will reduce it to 1 hour. Instead of buying that new Samsung s5, I will make do with a cheaper smart phone which is one second slower and I don’t really care how people look at me.

My personal view in 2014 or any future years are, change what I can change. One simple example. You may calculate the cost of savings from a cheaper smart phone versus a very expensive one. It is easily extra rm150 per month if you use it for one year. Oh yeah, I do not believe I need a RM100,000 car to show off. I drive only a 43k persona, bought year end thus extra discounts of rm3k which meant I saved another RM250 per month. If I want to show off, I better be driving a minimum Segment D car. If just segment C, majority of all my better off friends already driving one,  even if I buy, I am just one out of many.

Yes it is true, there are so many people we can blame. They are no good. They do not know about economics. However, my advice would be take actions, move yourself up. One last question, for the past twelve months did you improve a lot in everything you do? If you did not, please BLAME yourself for not doing much better. Do you know that every year you will get a tiny little small increment if you perform to expectations? The truth is, if you perform just exactly the same last year, you should not even get an increment. I have a younger close friend who does not even have a degree, he does not even have a full diploma, merely one of those stage 1 IT diplomas. However, he works hard. He improves, he is willing to travel when the company requires him to. He covers when his other colleague is on leave. He now owns two cars, a nice property and two babies. A lot of my friends owning degrees are not even half as successful and majority of the time, when we come out for mamak, it’s non stop complaining, irregardless of whether the economy is good, bad or ugly.

written on 23 dec 2013.

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