Coffee Bean is still better for me

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Many years ago, I remembered that I would go Coffee Bean instead of Starbucks. I even have a Coffee Bean card. Yet, I have forgotten how long or when was the last time I have been to Coffee Bean. I don’t think it’s my fault. It’s Coffee Bean’s fault for having so few branches. Anyway, today, my wife wanted to treat me Starbucks with her new card. Of course I am happy. Free drink man. However, when I went to scout for the nearest Starbucks, it was right beside the main entrance and wow… it was like a mini sauna, with the sun shining outside and the automatic door kept on opening and closing making the Starbucks unbearable for me. How am I supposed to enjoy my drink in a hot environment?

wpid-IMG_20131225_173649.jpgI told my wife and we decided to find any other cafe since it was tea time and she had shopped for 1.5 hours while I have been carrying my baby daughter around Sunway for the past 1.5 hours. Haha. As soon as we walked like 20 metres, there it was, my Coffee bean. I promptly queued up and since I will be sharing with my wife, instead of my usual latte, I opted for a iced vanilla latte. The log red valvet cake looks nice, so I ordered one too. As soon as I sat down, took my first ‘suck’, I fell in love with Coffee Bean again. The coffee taste was intense and coupled with sufficient milk and vanilla made the drink extremely enjoyable. It was good till the last drop which meant even when after the ice melted, the enjoyment stayed the same! How awesome.

It is sweeter since now, Citibank card holders get 20% off. I will choose Coffee Bean over Starbucks if they are side by side. Coffee Bean is still better for me.

written on 25th dec 2013.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Bean is still better for me”

  1. So, you will choose Starbucks or Coffee Bean on next round? Here…. When I ask around, people think Coffee Bean taste thick and better, but end up will choose Starbucks for convenient. Hehe, while me, I like Starbucks chocolate. After finish this drink, it fully occupy my stomach to get full, don’t need take lunch after it. Haha….

  2. Coffee Bean has always been better – the coffees taste better, there is better variety in terms of food, and the staff are better trained, and service – while not 5*, is always pleasant! Starbucks sucks- big time!!!! The staff is rude and they don’t know s***. I’ve boycotted Starbucks for 2 years now, and I shall continue to boycott them….

    • cindy, if you are in Kuala Lumpur, I bring to one Starbucks with friendly and great service. till then enjoy Coffee Bean because as I have said if they are side by side I would step into Coffee Bean. great weekend ahead Cindy.

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