Classno Instant Coffee, anyone?

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What is Classno? Some may look at me blankly. After drinking Nescafe for the past 30 years, no one knows there are other brands. I am exaggerating of course. There are popular brands such as Indocafe instant coffee too which has been around for a long time. There’s also the upgraded and more elegant Nescafe Gold. Besides that, many years ago, Nescafe Classic also started to tell people that they have a new formula enhanced with ‘Arabica’ beans. There are also the high end Japanese ones like UCC which is top in Japan and Taiwan.  My GM bought Davidoff in Tesco and said that he considered it almost same taste as Nescafe Gold. What about Classno? Look at the Classno instant coffee photo. Have you seen this?

wpid-IMG_20131225_112048.jpgRecently, I bought Classno for the first time. It was too expensive for my liking but that particular day there was a promo of purchase with purchase. Sort of close to 40% discount. Thus, the prices are even cheaper than Nescafe Classic! Why not try it out? It says ‘finest arabica blend’. Typically this meant they mix some amount of Arabica beans into the production but of course, majority of the beans are definitely Liberica or the strong but lacked elegance Robusta. Taste: I do think it is worth the money I paid for. It’s ‘richer’ than the Tesco instant coffee that I have tried before and definitely better than Nescafe Classic. However, when I want to say it is better than Nescafe Gold, I think I will rate is as similar. Perhaps I have been poisoned by the Nescafe advertisements too much? Haha…

Yes, worth a try if you are an Instant coffee person. Come on, there’s more to than Nescafe out there.

written on 25th dec 2013

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