Raining and yet Starbucks?!

It was raining heavy enough that an umbrella is a must. The shop is also not next to my office. I need to cross a four lane road to reach the shop. I have to pay Rm5 for a cup of Americano even with my Starbucks mug. Why am I still here? Today there is one more reason I found. Camaraderie. Drinking alone, perhaps not. However if two other close colleagues said let’s go, how could I say no? Hey this is also known as peer pressure. Lots of people say economy is not doing well, but guess what this morning when I was there at 830am, the cafe was 50% full.

wpid-IMG_20131224_083701.jpgI believe Starbucks will continue to be successful. Oh yea my next order will be the most expensive coffee in their list. I have hit my ten drinks for a free one. Haha. Their Americano is still good, even if you add two huge tablespoons.of your own Omega milk powder. Ask for two shots for that extra kick. My colleague just got himself four shots. Amazing start of the day. If only they allow franchises.

written on 23 dec 2013

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