Restoran Taman Timur, Ipoh

The stalls for breakfast and lunch are slightly different. You get the famous Hakka Mee in the morning while in the afternoon, I love the Indian Curry Rice and also the roast pork / chicken rice. Lots of other stalls but the dry curry mee is….. ‘don’t try’ standard. There are so many choices here that you may be spoilt for choice. As for what’s good to drink, hey you must try their Fu Chok Yee Mai. As for white coffee, just average but according to one colleague, it’s good. haha. My colleague’s from Penang.

wpid-img1387695566938.jpgOh yeah, what should you order for the Indian curry rice? Their ayam kicap, fish curry is very good and the fried ayam rempah is also good. Needless to say, tell the uncle to ‘kuah campur’. My father like the mee rebus but I think it’s just so-so. Parking is easy too due to ample space though you may need to park slightly further away but definitely a parking is available. The shop is also very nearby the toll and easy to find too. In the afternoon, there’s a Laksa stall just 45 degrees opposite this restaurant which I find quite good!

written on 22 dec 2013.

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