Penang property – Balik Pulau vs Batu Kawan (current prices)

Let’s look at current prices first.

Current price. If we refer to, we can see typically there are a few prevalent projects which are being published for Batu Kawan and a few projects for Balik Pulau. Projects in Batu Kawan would be Bandar Cassia and Taman Mutiara. Both are landed projects and the price psf ranges a lot, depending on the actual unit which is very normal for landed properties. The ranges were from slightly below RM200 up till slightly over RM400 plus psf. These prices are still very attractive as soon you compare to the area just after Penang Bridge 2. One thing Batu Kawan has which is famous is the Batu Kawan seafood village where a lot of islanders actually drive to satisfy their crave for seafood. Used to be cheap, now it’s affordable. πŸ™‚

When we look at Balik Pulau, the choices are many times more than Batu Kawan. This was not the case many years ago. Nevertheless, there are still no condo projects. Mostly advertised ones are just flats. For landed, the most expensive listing was a RM3 million bungalow! RM600 + psf. Followed by a modern looking Ferringhi Park Residence. RM1.8 million or around RM465 psf. There are also quite a number of choices for terrace houses below RM400,000! A sum not even achievable for majority of the condos in Bayan Baru, Sg. Ara or even Relau. In terms of developments, there are also non stop new projects being launched in Balik Pulau and most likely in the near future, projects by the largest developer in Malaysia; SP Setia.

I asked only 4 friends, all non Penangites, all are working in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park, all are either IT / Engineering professionals. All four chose Balik Pulau though they mentioned if Balik Pulau becomes as expensive as those in Tanjung Tokong, they will then consider Batu Kawan. However one said, if it’s Butterworth, he may just choose it over Balik Pulau. There are more things there and it’s more happening. Balik Pulau is still mostly for durians instead of as a serious consideration for residential.

In my own opinion, I would also be choosing Balik Pulau if we are to compare these two.

written on 22 dec 2013

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