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Direct flights – Penang to Bali?

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I checked. There are no direct flights currently and all airlines must stop at KL first. I do not know why are there no direct flights between these two awesome cities but I seriously hope that the authorities do something about this. There are several reasons why this is very important for Penang. Of course I am talking about benefits for Penang lar. I am a Malaysian. Bali is an international tourist destination. I have been to Bali three times. I find it intriguing but Penang is nowhere inferior. The only inferior point I can think of is perhaps the beers in Bali is cheaper than Penang.

If there are direct flights, this would bring up the economy for both cities and for Penang, this meant that besides just Medan there are now another source of medical tourists. Bali is visited by a lot of Australians who would definitely feel at home in Penang too. I am quite sure some Penangite parents may want their sons and daughter to study medicine. Bali can be a close enough choice not to mention much more cheaper too compared to a lot of other places. Russia may be good but it is so far away.

If there are direct flights, indirectly this would also bring up the profile of Penang because there’s really nothing inferior, just that perhaps not as well known. The last I checked, Georgetown is top 10 most liveable city in Asia. It is also one of those exclusive UNESCO Heritage sites which everyone must visit at least 2 times before they die. Why not once? Are you joking? If a tourist has visited Penang once before, do you think once is enough? Thus, twice. Haha. Plus the food is also locked in a forever debate with a city down south, Singapore. No need to ask, WE know which is much more delicious.

Foreign property purchase in Penang remain to be small. Perhaps with this, a few more units of the high end ones may find buyers too. Hopefully this will come true in the near future.

written on 23 dec 2013.

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  1. Crystal Teh
    Crystal Teh

    Hopefully future will have direct flight from Penang to Bali. I like Bali too 🙂

    December 26, 2013

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