The Best Latte

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Do you know what’s the best latte in the world? The best latte in the world is the one brewed by your good friend and he lets you see but you have no chance to taste it yet. To add salt to the wound, it looks so professionally made that made you feel that you have really missed the best latte in the world. Latte, up to a certain extent must rely on the beans that you use and the machine that you bought. The more expensive the machine is, the better the latte, it seems. In my life however, do you know where is the best Instant Coffee mixed with milo in the world? It’s made by my wife. Haha. Oklar, since she is not reading this, I tell you that the one made by mamak stall is more delicious but when it comes to love, dedication and ‘one and only’, the one made by my wife becomes best.

pitshingEnjoy this picture because majority of you, like me, may never get to taste this latte made with professionalism and love. One thing you may enjoy though is a drink made by your loved ones. That’s the BEST. Note, it may not be the most delicious, tasty but it is the BEST. Pit Shing, I know you are very good in finance but latte? Today, I know that I now have two friends who are professionals when it comes to coffee. Oops. I better watch out on my own articles about latte from now onwards. To compensate for this loss, I will go and drink my favourite white coffee in Ipoh later. That is something my friend Pit Shing cannot have because in Penang….. white coffee…. well…. have a nice day!

written on 21 dec 2013.

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