Ko Pi Tim, Ipoh

This restaurant is really called Ko Pi Tim. Haha. The restaurant is nearby my house. Thus, if I am in Ipoh having breakfast with my family, most probably this will be the shop I go to. There are a few highlights here. The Wan Tan Mee is quite good. The pork noodle too. Not forgetting the dry curry mee. The dry curry mee is not within my top 5 list but nevertheless meets my minimum standard of a good plate of dry curry mee. In ipoh, the standard of dry curry mee is pretty high. Remember, stop eating just nga choy kai. It’s good but dry curry mee… is definitely above anywhere else in Malaysia.

img1387638870159.jpgThe white coffee is just above average. Take a look. I like the cup it comes with. I find the iced one better than the hot one. However, if you ask me, should you be here for the coffee and then the food is complementary, my answer is no. You should come for the food and the coffee can help you to finish your breakfast on a good note. Oh yeah, another plus point, you do not need to wait at the tables for a long time and there’s ample parking. Plus, if you come out from the Ipoh Selatan toll, this restaurant is less than 10 minutes away. See you there on a Saturday morning. 🙂

written on 20th dec 2013

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