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Medini – Another huge theme park?

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Everyone knows Sunway Lagoon here in Malaysia. I read somewhere that when Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah launched his first project there, he sold it for so little just to cover it’s cost. It was really unattractive then. Something like Damansara and Mont Kiara long time ago. Actually come to think of it, not that long time back. 🙂   Sunway will be going to Medini with a world class theme park. Actually, TWO if you include the term they use which is amusement park. The other one being an ecopark.

Of course, if they are there just for these two amusement parks, they would not buy 752 ha of land. The full plan is for an education hub. They own their very own Sunway University which has close links to Monash University Malaysia campus. Others include malls, hotels, residences, offices and even hospitals. Hospitals would be great, especially for the neighbouring country as the charges are immediately cheaper. In fact, the insurance companies in Singapore recognises treatments done in Malaysian hospitals. This has been effective for quite a number of years.

While there are no confirmation whether the theme park would be their own brand or would they be talking to other notable parties, following are the famous theme parks around the world: Universal Studios (already in Singapore), Disneyland (already in Hong Kong), Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain (United States); Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World (Australia); Alton Towers (United Kingdom); Port Aventura (Spain); Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen) and Europa-Park (Germany).  There’s also the 20th Century Fox World which Genting will be building in Genting Highlands and open by 2016. This was just recently announced.

Hmm… would Malaysia be a nation of theme parks? If the number of tourists continue to increase, I think it should be okay. If all these are built for just Malaysians, I think there may be too many in the very near future. Or perhaps due to competition, the pricing is lowered? Haha….

written on 20th dec 2013

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2 thoughts on “Medini – Another huge theme park?”

  1. The Legoland under construction for others theme in the park. It’s attract lot of Malaysian especially family. I not yet been there. Think on let it fully construct first. Most feedback from friends those go is less facility and other theme on construct.

    Another theme park is Hello Kitty theme park. Maybe this park is not attractive, it’s doesn’t attract Kitty fans include my friends and me.

    When I was in Disneyland, I notice that entrance price different among tourist and residents. Residents could get unlimited visit by pay yearly fees. Heard news on last year, Malaysia going to build Disneyland on year 2015. However, until now I can’t even get the news it progress.

    Building a park is not easily in term of costing. Disneyland Hong Kong until today, unable get back it costing from profit earned.

    I am theme park lover, look forward to new theme park at Genting *^▁^*


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