Mc. Donald’s unhealthy? Mc. Cafe then?

I have friends who cannot stand Mc. Donald’s. I have no issues. Haha. I think majority of us are familiar with Mc. Donalds. Few years back, Mc.Donalds wants a slide of the premium coffee market as well, thus, they started Mc. Cafe. There are not that many around, especially in Penang. However, let me tell you my experience with Mc.Cafe.  One day, not too long ago when I visited Mc. Cafe for the first time. It was the one right next to the Petronas station near Jaya Jusco Ipoh. The barista seemed inexperienced but never mind, we ordered one latte and another mocca.

IMG-20131210-WA0008Guess what it does look quite good. But I said the barista seems inexperienced right, how can it look so good? The trick is, they have even provided the right equipments to these staffs so that without much practise, the can come up with a very professional looking engraving. Next time, take a look and you would know. Anyway, it matters not how they do it as long as they do it. Price is actually cheaper than Starbucks if I remember correctly but they have no loyalty card, thus even if you buy 10, you would not get one free.

The mocca was really quite good. The latte is above average too but of course can be better. My friend who opens a cafe told me, as long as the beans are very fresh and the machine they use is good, it does not need a genius to craft out a good cup of latte. Oh… no wonder. Mc. Cafe, my recommendation is, you should try.

written on 19th dec 2013

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