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I go to Starbucks every week, without fail. Perhaps just once per week but it is every week. Since I love Plan B or even Espresso Lab if we are to compare to Starbucks, then why do I go Starbucks every week? I have three reasons. Convenience. There’s one Starbucks everywhere I go. Near my office. Inside the departmental stores I go to. There’s one which all my friends can gather together even if all of us are staying at different places.


Clever marketing. I have their Starbucks Card for which every 10 drinks I buy, I get one free. Everytime I bring my Starbucks mug, I get RM2 off. Now, if you calculate closely, after saving RM20 every 10 drinks, you get a free drink which if you order a Caramel Macchiato, you are saving up to RM35! Yeah yeah, you might have been paying around RM90 if you have been buying their latte. RM90 – RM35 = RM55. Divided by 11 Drinks, it’s just RM5 per drink. Hey, it’s not that expensive anymore right? Haha.

Quality. Oklar, to be honest. If their latte is really way below what we expect, they would not be successful. I still think their latte is good enough for me to like it. Not the best for me but certainly good enough for me and of course all my buddies who continues to frequent it. Oh yeah, I ONLY have THREE Starbucks tumbler……

Starbucks, anyone? 🙂

written on 18th dec 2013.

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3 thoughts on “Starbucks latte”

  1. yes please….!! thanks for the workings…my passion for Starbucks is now proven not to be that expensive afterall….!! cheers!!

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