ONLY BUY after property bubble burst

I have a friend who earns very high salary. In fact amongst all my friends, I think he is ranked second highest. He knows that I love properties and he told me confidently that he is now keeping his money in FD so that when the bubble bursts, he will enter the market and buy. I said, great, so at what price would you enter? He paused and said ‘when market is low enough’. I asked, when he said low, does he mean 10% down? 20% down? 50% down? He said, ‘of course as low as possible lar’.

I really hope when the bubble bursts this friend would really cancel his FD and enter the market because buying during crisis meant that your profit would be very high once the market recovers. From history, we have learnt that in terms of properties, except if the property is in the middle of the desert, most of the time, it will continue to go up again even if slowly. However, he has yet to make a decision as to when he would really enter the market. He is not even a member of PLTM (Property Talk & Lifestyle Malaysia). I feel any investor should be a member of PLTM. Get to know, before you actually buy.

This friend of mine is already very rich and in fact will probably be very rich even if he does not enter the property market. The only thing I would like to reiterate is this, he could have been much richer if he has property investment. The expectations must also be set right, just like if you enter the share market, never say I want to buy when it’s low. You must specify and adhere to what you term as low. If you intend to sell when you have profit, you must also adhere and have an actual target of what’s the price to sell. You cannot say, I will sell when the price is up to my expectations. Perhaps I may be wrong but I think in any investment that we do, we must go in with both our eyes open and our brain ready with some risk calculations / acceptance.

written on 17th dec 2013.

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  • syahmie on February 11, 2014

    yupp..must have clear number on when to exit/enter.

    • chialih on February 11, 2014

      yes true syahmie. and must keep to it

      • Darren on July 11, 2014

        Chialih, talking about the bubble. I understand that the banks raise interest rates, i reckon that market will stale for a while? will you wait and see currently?

      • chialih on July 12, 2014

        Hi Darren, personally, if you are buying for your own stay, and you are looking at a RM350,000 – RM500,000 price range, the likely difference due to this 0.25% up is at max RM130. Thus, I dont think it changes much. However, for those who are buying way above what they can afford, that would really make them think twice. Secondly, if you wait, it is expected that another 0.25% up by end of this year. Thirdly GST is coming next April. I think if you wait because of these kind of reasons, there are still a lot of waiting to be done.

  • How Jun on July 12, 2014


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