Espresso lab, Ipoh.

I was first introduced to this cafe by my two close friends in KL. The experience was very good. The latte, I must say, unless I forget about some experiences is my top choice thus far. Right in all departments, even in the red cup that it comes with. As for the environment, ok just that it’s like more public since the one I went to was in The Garden’s KL. So, when I learnt that Espresso Lab is in Ipoh, I quickly gave it a test. 🙂


It does not disappoint. In fact, my personal opinion is, because of the environment, I feel this is much better than the one I went to in The Gardens. A typical shophouse was converted into a modern looking cafe you could have mistaken for a cafe in Europe. Of course, ahem, when you see the baristas, you know you are still in Malaysia. I recommend everyone who loves coffee to try them out. I tried their cakes too and it’s ok. In terms of cakes, let’s just say I prefer Plan B. But their latte is very tiny slightly better than Plan B. Note- personal opinion. Don’t kill me for this.

written on 16th dec.

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