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Good cup of tea is easy. Follow me.

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My friend said, BOH / Lipton tea sold in Malaysia is not good. She needed two packs in order to get sufficient flavour for one cup. I actually agree with her. Well, until one weekend when I stumbled upon an article telling everyone how best to make a good cup of tea, from tea bags. The writer quoted statistically speaking, majority of everyone takes less than one minute to make their cup of tea. Typically, what everyone did was, they throw in the tea bag, pour in hot water and use their spoon to try and press the tea bags on the cup to make the ‘taste come out’. THIS IS WRONG!

This is because if you do this, the taste for the tea would have a bitter taste and it also does not have sufficient time to release all of its flavour. What you need to do to make a good cup of tea, irregardless of the brand you use is this: Get a nice cup, put in one tea bag, pour hot water and do not do anything for 3 minutes. When you reach 3 minutes, just take out and dip the tea bag a few times and throw the tea bag away. Then, take a sip. The tea should now taste just nice, even without sugar or milk. If you need the usual milk and sugar, you can also add accordingly.

I have tried this with every tea drinker I know and I can safely assure you, your 45 seconds tea versus a 3 minute tea is totally different. There is also no need for TWO TEA BAGS just to make one cup of nice, aromatic and natural cup of ceylon tea. Try it and share your experience if you are also as amazed as me.

written on 13 dec 2013.

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