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Pool View, Sea View and My view

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Thus far, I have only bought one apartment and one condo which has pool view, both of them from the secondary market. Why did I buy them? Well, that was the one offered and that was the one I liked for its price and the free pool view. Other than these two, I have no special preference for whatever view. To me, paying way too much premium for these are just a waste of money. This is especially true these days when all the condos are getting so expensive that affordability should be the key, not pool view or sea view.

My view is, I would like to save the premium for other things such as bigger fridge, bigger washing machine, better sofa, larger LED TV etc. Not a joke, the premium can sometimes be RM8,000 or higher just because one side has a sea view and the other side perhaps a hill view instead. I have to be honest, even though I am staying in a condo with pool view now, I have yet to wake up one morning, go to look at the pool and feel so wonderful with myself for buying a pool view. Not even once. Well, if you are buying because you want all your friends to say, ‘WOW! Sea View!’ I think you are better off saving up the money and buying something that makes you say WOW instead.

In terms of sea view, the premium is likely to be even higher because you need to buy higher floors to have an even better view. Sometimes, the premium, due to the floors can be as high as RM20,000 extra! My view is, it is not worth it. There are people who said, for investment purposes, buying these views would be better as a lot of people love all these views. Thus far, from my little experience in selling my properties in the secondary market, I have yet to come across a buyer who insist that he/she only will buy the unit with these views. Thus, pool view or sea view, in my view is not a necessity and you should buy other creature comforts in lieu of these views.  Again, just my view.  🙂

written on 11th Dec 2013

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  1. keneeth111

    generally agree with your view……however, it depends on what market you’re looking at…..if mass market, view and floor are not playing very significant whereas for high-end market, view and floor is very important…my 2 cents……

    February 3, 2014
    • I also agree with you. Your comment is not 2 cents. It’s 5 cents. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting.

      February 3, 2014

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