Let’s go to BED together, Ipoh.

This is a fairly new cafe.  BED stands for Bread, Espresso and Dessert.


As usual the gold standard for any cafe is their latte. If you look at them preparing it, the baristas are serious and look professional. I hope my cup would be above average. The latte really did not disappoint me. However, somehow the coffee oomph is not good enough if I compare to Plan B or Espresso Lab. Don’t get me wrong, I just happen to have a very high expectation because I am in BED! The Hot Chocolate is quite good.

In terms of environment they have converted a shop lot into a cosy, relaxing and bright cafe. I prefer bright places to darker places. I would recommend this cafe for friends get-together. Desserts are plenty to choose from and I dare say you’ll be spoilt for choice. From the fact that I arrived in the afternoon to a full house cafe, you can rest assured that this is one cafe not to be missed if you are on cafe hunting in Ipoh.


written on 12th dec 2013.

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