Keng Nam coffee shop, Ipoh

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They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just by the picture below, you must try it out.


Keng Nam coffee shop is in the town centre. Forgotten the road name but do not worry, your usual GPS unit should already have Keng Nam.

To start off, I must evaluate the white coffee right. Ok, actually the white coffee served here barely pass my tough evaluation. It is not thick enough,and the overall taste is just… a kopi ais. Nothing more. The highlight is the lo mai fan. The kaya lo mai fan is very famous and very good. However I personally like the curry lo mai fan. The curry mee is also famous and good but does not feature in my personal top 5 list for Ipoh. Worth your breakfast time, for sure. Keng Nam coffee shop.

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6 thoughts on “Keng Nam coffee shop, Ipoh”

  1. I had try before a wan tan mee taste quite special compare with Penang. But i forget the coffee shop name. That coffee shop have sell…. that dim sum inside have yam, haha, i call it fried yam, hokien call “yu kok”, i think you could get what i mean right :P? I like this “yu-kok” very much too. Let me find out the coffee shop name then share with you 🙂

    • Hard to say. If you go to the dim sum place where Ming Court, Foo San, Yoke Fook Mun and even Wong Sifu are nearby each other, I think all of them have something special. Otherwise, think about it, would you dare open a dim sum restaurant next to very famous dim sum restaurants? Haha. I love char siew pao in yoke fook moon the most. You can ta pao the frozen one to steam by yourself. amazing taste.

  2. Foo San taste i think so so, how come every time heard those people go Ipoh is looking for Foo San dim sum? Hehe, next time when you back to Ipoh then to Penang, ta pao the char siew pao for me 😛

    • There were once when everything started with foo San. That’s why everyone still continue with foo San. Just like penang him heang. I personally feel the heang something in Bj is better! My kl friends who tasted also said the same. Yet ppl queue at him heang…..


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