Iskandar with new Rapid Transit System

Wait. It is still in progress but will only have another update perhaps end 2014. Targeted date of completion is also 2019. Which is 5 years away. So, if RTS is not built, what would happen? Well, I feel that more road linkages can be built between Singapore. More buses perhaps? In fact, I am quite sure if RTS is built now, it will be a massive loss financially because there are just not enough population support such a huge project. There may be more people working in Singapore. There may also be more residents of Singapore buying in Iskandar but the number is definitely insufficient to support this. We need more. I think end 2014 would be a good time.

Now, what will happen if RTS is built successfully? Let me ask you. If you are a middle class Singaporean living in a HDB flat. Sure, it is clean. Sure, it is safe. Sure, you have MRT. Sure, you have mini markets and schools nearby. Sure, you can reach your working place in 30 minutes. Now, what if I tell you, for 10 minutes extra with RTS, you can also stay in a clean CONDOMINIUM with squash courts, swimming pools, BBQ pits and more, departmental stores nearby, international schools which cost much lesser than in Singapore, top 1% universities in the world nearby and the price is just S$400,000 or lesser if you happen to be a Malaysian who has PR there and does not need to buy RM1 million and above? Don’t look at me, you decide. 🙂

RTS is a future catalyst. Just like what KLCC did to all the surrounding properties. Just like what happened to all the properties nearby MidValley, nearby IKEA / The Curve. Just like what happened to all the properties nearby or next to the MRT stations coming up in Malaysia. KK would never be such a huge success without an international airport. All these are conveniences. When we buy properties, sometimes we get lucky and the catalyst are built next to us. For example, my Kelana Puteri condo. I did not know Paradigm Mall would be built there. If I did, I would have bought one more unit!

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  • Crystal Teh on December 11, 2013

    Sometime we purchase a property depend on our luck. As you said, you don’t know the Paradigm Mall would built there. Talk back Penang, who known property nearby Queensbay mall valuable so fast after Queensbay mall was built? I still remember that time i take a look on Gold Coast condo and comment the area out-of-the-way. Haha, who’s know at this moment, apartment opposite Gold Coast condo also valuable. Haha… timing is important, but i think luck is important too 🙂

    • chialih on December 11, 2013

      Haha….. yes true. That’s why I never see distance as main reason. It should be connectivity.

  • Crystal Teh on December 11, 2013

    Back to 10 years ago, people always said Sungai Ara is far away from town area, the property there is less valuable. Back to this moment, i will say, the place will become popular, just timing issue. When those place been fully develop, next is develop at hose area that seldom or never develop. See, now Sungai Ara become famous area 🙂 Last time people said Butterworth property the most no value. A terrace house could get in 100k. I don’t think nowadays 100k still can get at there. At least 280k and above for this moment. Haha, my uncle bought his terrace house about 3000 sqf in less than 100k during his young time, i think about 20 years ago, now the value is up to 300k++, hehe.

    • chialih on December 11, 2013

      If you look at just RM250,000 property and you add in just 1% per year increment, that is already RM2,500 per year or RM200 per month, every month it increases price by RM200!. Do you know now, why you must buy a property to stay and not rent?

  • Crystal Teh on December 12, 2013

    Yes, strongly agree with you. *^▁^*

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