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Heritage Village – Paradigm Mall has kuih koci!

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I loved kuih koci when I was young. I still loved it today but these days, I seldom see it. Perhaps because it’s so hard to a perfect one or the process is long, I have no idea but kuih koci is becoming extinct! Today I visited Heritage Village for the second time and they told us that the dessert is finished, thus they are substituting with a nyonya kuih of our choice. I chose Kuih Koci. 🙂  Ok, I remembered, I must talk about kopi or latter right. Apologies, this will be an exception for a very long time. There’s no KOPI in this article. Haha.


Their Ais Bandung is nice too! Not too sweet, not too thin and not too much milk. Try it if you love ais bandung. As for their food, the Curry Mee which they said is Penang curry mee is totally different and nowhere near Penang. However, their nasi lemak rendang…. The cucumber is nicely cut, the sambal is not too salty and the rendang chicken is ngam ngam ho! The rice is the only let down. Tho aromatic, it was a tad too dry for me.

Would I visit Heritage Village again? Yes I would. Their sets are value for money!

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