Plan B, Ipoh.

Ipoh has been known as the white coffee city. The quality of every coffee shop serving white coffee is above average, just like if you sell laksa in Penang, it is unlikely that the laksa tastes bad. Or you may go out of business real soon. However, these days you can easily find a lot of newly opened wastern style cafes serving their own ‘brew of the day’ and also the evergreen latte. Today, I introduce to you one of the them. Plan B.


Plan B is at Jalan Bijih Timah. It was an old dilapidated building, before Plan B came. At night,  you would not want to be loitering around.  Today it is Plan B cafe.  I love their latte and I would rate it above average.  The beans and the milk is just right. The environment is very relaxing.  Their red velvet cake is the best I have tasted thus far. Another highlight is their deep fried sweet potato which is something you should not miss.

For the price, quality and environment, Plan B might just be your plan A. 🙂


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