Penang property vs Singapore property?

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After reading my article on Hong Kong properties, a friend said he did not know that Hong Kong properties are that expensive. What about Singapore properties? Let us look at the same criterias again, 700sf, lowest and highest. As usual, online is our best teacher. Stats from



Looking at the numbers, it does seem much better compared to Hong Kong properties. 🙂  The median gross monthly income for a worker in Singapore is S$3,480 (RM8,700).  To buy the cheapest HDB by cash, they only need to save their whole income for 6.5 years. 🙂   Thus, if you have intention to work in Singapore, as long as you make sure you are earning much higher than the average people there I think you should do ok. If you ask me though, I would prefer Penang anytime. No need to argue about whether Singapore or Penang is better. Penang is my personal choice. Settled.


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