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Kay’s Cafe at Tropicana Mall

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I have been here twice. First time alone and second time with family.  I do like the environment and the waiters are also well dressed.  In terms of menu you have both eastern or western dishes and a lot of coffee choices.  This includes latte.

latte at kays

The latte is really average. Arabica aroma is missing and the milk is somehow tasteless.  The presentation is ok and I also love the glass that it comes with.  I seriously think that the latte has to be improved.

In terms of food, thus far I love all the dishes that I have ordered before including both the Eastern and western ones. A good choice for families.

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  1. Crystal Teh
    Crystal Teh

    Does the restaurant have feedback form? If have, could fill up your feedback to them for improvement *^▁^*

    December 9, 2013
    • haha… ok. when i go again.

      December 9, 2013

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