Real estate agent in Penang property market

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A friend just decided to join a real estate agency. It is his second time going into the field.

Ever wondered what it is like to be a registered real Estate agent dealing with Penang properties?I happen to have some experience with the agents and penang property market. Depending on how successful you are as an agent, your answer may be, ‘rewarding’. If you are struggling your answers may be it is tough! Real Estate agents are supposed to be a professional lot. If I have a family and I want to buy SOHO units, the real estate agent should give me sound advice. Options for me before I decide.

However where Penang is concerned,  one seller may ask ten agents to sell for him. This excludes the non- registered brokers, neighbours, security guards and relatives. With such an environment, it is not easy to be a good agent. Now we come to the main point. If it is so easy being a registered agents, it will not be easy to be an agent. I repeat. If it is so easy, it will become not easy. There would be 100,000 people queuing up to be real estate agents in Penang and it would be near impossible for you to earn a living as there are not that many properties on sale.

Thus, my advice is still, work hard, improve your property knowledge and negotiation skills. When the goings get tough,  the tough gets going. It takes time to build up your name. It takes word of mouth for people to know you are good. It takes a never ending effort if you would like to be successful and be very rich. Join a good agency, listen to the owner / mentor because if you are successful he is successful.

Last but not least, be a registered agent and do not do any ‘undertable’ stuffs. It’s your career and your life.

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