I am a papa and I want to be rich, so I go to Paparich? 🙂  Actually I have never liked Paparich. Yet somehow I have been to Paparich for many times. Old friend’s gathering, Toastmasters’ meeting and most recently, it was the more affordable choices amongst all the typical RM30 per person kind of … Read morePaparich


Property buying – objectivity matters

A friend told me that she could not rent out her flat. She said she bought the flat long time ago and until now still not rented out. On and off she would bring potential tenants but none of them wanted to rent. I asked her a few questions and she told me this, ‘everytime … Read moreProperty buying – objectivity matters

95% of all property launches sold – Singapore

We read about slowdown in transactions. We also read about oversupply of high end properties. We have read about potential property bubble. Imagine my surprise when I read a report in by LTC (NS) Mohamed Ismail the CEO of P&N Holdings. It was announced that over 95% of new launching in November in Singapore was … Read more95% of all property launches sold – Singapore

Property investment – back to basics

Passive income. If you buy a good property for RM250K to RM300K today, typically you can rent out for RM1,100-RM1,300. Depending on how old you are, this is sufficient to cover your mortgage and gives you a yield which is equivalent to FD, at worst. If I can, I would like to continue buying to … Read moreProperty investment – back to basics

My 2014 wish for property market

After reading through so many articles, especially The Edge which their last issues focus was on how tough 2014 may become, I was a little affected. However, I found many good news too. It seems that in November in Singapore, 95% of whatever was newly launched was SOLD! It mentioned a few points which I … Read moreMy 2014 wish for property market

New project launches in 2014 – what may happen?

With the whole Malaysia property transactions going down except for Iskandar as at November 2013, what may happen to the new launches next year? I read comments by DTZ Nawawi Tie Leung executive director Brian Koh in The Star. He said, ‘Developers are likely to launch less projects, downgrade specifications, reduce sizing, squeeze on construction costs, and … Read moreNew project launches in 2014 – what may happen?

Ben & Lynette, Ipoh

This is a very new cafe. Just opened one week ago. I think this is the first time ever that I have visited such a newly opened cafe.  Ipoh really do have an ever growing cafe culture. There’s even a horse at the entrance to the cafe. Please, don’t climb up the horse.It was around … Read moreBen & Lynette, Ipoh

Patisserie Boutique, Ipoh

It was my sister’s birthday and since all of us were home in Ipoh, we decided to visit a good cafe. It should be a cafe that none of us had visited before. We chose Patisserie Boutique. This cafe is right behind/next to Plan B, Ipoh. I am not sure if the guy who welcomed … Read morePatisserie Boutique, Ipoh

174,000 millionaires in Singapore

According to a report by Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, the typical average wealth per adult in Singapore is US$282,000 and this includes a person’s home, if he owns it. In other words, if the house is still under mortgage loan, then it is not included. This is an amazing number and it came to the … Read more174,000 millionaires in Singapore

Developers feeling the heat?

I read in The Star today about some developers feeling the heat from all the cooling measures undertaken by the government. I seriously believe if their product is the right one for the mass market, there is nothing to fear. Whatever cooling measures undertaken is to ensure the property bubble does not happen and there … Read moreDevelopers feeling the heat?

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