Uncle Lim’s @ MYDIN and Subang Parade

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For the past 2 years, I have been looking for a good franchise business. My sister said she wanted to the branch manager for it. We have evaluated and discarded many and until today has yet to short list any. So, when I saw Uncle Lim’s cafe, I feel that I must try.

Their famous drink is their Uncle Lim’s coffee. Of course I ordered one. It came in a traditional coffee cup with saucer. The outlook has won many points. Then I took a good first sip and I told my wife, really not bad. It does not have typical white coffee aroma and intense flavour nor does it comes with the hainanese style that I have come across many times. It is just a simply good cup of typical robusta beans that is abundant here. Unless Malaysian farmers grow arabica beans in the highlands which I have also tried before. (that’s another story).


Hey, in terms of food, they do have very good Uncle Lim’s Special Laksa. Very fishy with lots of lemak and everything else. Every ingredient was purposeful. The nasi lemak is also very nice and definitely worth the RM11.90 that you have to pay. I have tried to email them on the franchise opportunity. Thus far, zero response. Sigh… why set up a website if you have no one to look after.

Revised and updated on 9th Dec 2013.


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