Dont buy leasehold property

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I have to be honest, if prices are exactly the same and the location is the same, I would take freehold anytime. However, if you noticed, leasehold properties are typically cheaper. Perhaps 15-20% cheaper sometimes. Most of the time, the leasehold properties are also in good areas. As an example, Kelana Jaya.

A friend buying a new property for her own stay asked me if she should buy leasehold. She said her friends said, freehold is better. I said her friend is correct but is the leasehold property near her office, price is attractive and in a good location? She said yes to all. Then she said she scared because ONLY 99 years.

Let me explain as simple as I can. when you buy 99 years, you may be 30 years old. When you are 60 years old, your lease still have 60 years to go. By then your children is 30 years old. When you reach 90 years old and your son reaches 60 years old and your grandson reaches 30 years old, you still have 30 years left on your lease. When you are 120 years old, your son is 90 years old, your grandson is 60 years old and your grandson’s son is 30 years old, your lease expires. At that time, your grandson’s son’s son just born.

I hope you already get what I mean. If not, fine, please don’t buy leasehold. 🙂

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